Managing Stress from Social Media and News Outlets

In our world today it seems as though our attention is always being pulled towards a screen. Whether it is a news station telling us the latest updates or social media telling you all the tips and tricks to stay healthy, the constant flow of information can be daunting. Many people who are working from home or trying to follow stay at home guidelines are constantly watching the news to know the latest updates for themselves and their family. However, when everyone can post their opinions it is hard to know what you should consume and not pay attention to.

Here are some tips to help cope with stress from screens and media: 

Limit the Amount of Time Spent on Social Media

This is beneficial because if you are on social media for too long you will be constantly exposed to new stories that can create worry that isn’t necessary.  Examples of limiting time on social media could be not logging into social media sites or apps, setting time limits, leaving devices in another room or charging device in another room.

 Make Sure Your Source of Media is Coming from a Verified Source

How often do you see news sources that are biased towards one side or the other?  Everyone on social media has a personal experience and opinion but what you allow yourself to consume should be factual. Finding credible news sources will allow you to know the information is true so you don’t have to compare it to a contradicting family friend on Facebook.

Connecting With Others Through Technology

We are designed to connect with others.  Connect with friends and family outside of devices.  So much of our screen time is spent on social media that we forget we can stay in touch with family and friends even while we are apart. If you need to use social media or technology to connect video calls, text, email, games are all great ways to connect with one another and keep ourselves from feeling alone. 

Focus on Yourself

Unplug, put your device away – focus on yourself for a set amount of time each day.  Spending too much time in front of screens and getting too wrapped up in media will leave you stressed and unsettled. Self-care is such an important act that many forget when they are overwhelmed.  Little things like physical activity, reading, and meditating can all help lower stress about the world around you and help you feel like you are in control.  


Even though there is a constant flow of information coming at us, filtering that can help us not feel so overwhelmed. Tips like these are helpful to live by constantly, finding a balance between news and social media vs real life experience is crucial to keep yourself less stressed.