Hello! Thank you for visiting this page. Since you are reading this, we are assuming you are interested in possibly working with us.  Something important to know about us is that we focus on three areas in our practice:   

  • Client Care – Connecting future clients to a clinician that’s a good fit as well as offering services and programs that clients need
  • Community care – Volunteering at community events or resource fairs, providing presentations each month at local places of worship, employers, doctor offices, and schools as well as implement and promote services or programs that our community asks for
  • Employee care – focusing on the importance of employee self care and allowing ourselves to focus on long term career goals 

We are always open to talk with prospective employees that might be a good fit for our office. We encourage you to browse through the various pages to get to know us.  One thing you will notice is that we offer a wide range of services to our community, and work with a wide range of different clientele. We value the contributions of each employee and offer opportunities for them to use both their strengths and what they are passionate about benefit our clients and our local community.   You will also notice, that we strive to help clients find a good fit, whether that is in our office or with another counseling office close to us. We are proud to say that our clinicians are able to work autonomously, while also having the support of  other professionals in sharing resources and case consultation.  So whether you are new to the mental health or counseling field, or you are currently employed and are ready for a change of pace, we would love to hear from you! 


If Interested in joining our team…we would love to hear from you! 

Step 1:

Provide our office with: 

1. A cover letter highlighting what position you are applying to, why you want to work with our office, and what experiences, credentials, or certifications you have that would be helpful for our clients or to our office. What makes you stand out compared to other applicants? 

2. Resume sharing some of your professional experiences that would be relevant to our open position.

On your resume, please include references, that the person’s name,  relation to you, and their e-mail address.  Please know that we check all references. Please only give references that will be able to communicate with our office within a timely manner.  Often we have applicants who provide references that will either not return our emails or phone calls, or references that state they only confirm employment but do not provide character or clinical references.

Please send your cover letter & resume
Email: info@StepByStepCounselingLLC.com or Fax: 636-634-4777


Step 2:

Please complete our get to know you form online. Click on the link below.

Clinician only: GET TO KNOW YOU (Clinicians)
Admin only: GET TO KNOW YOU (Staff) 
Intern only: GET TO KNOW YOU (Intern)


Step 3: 

Once application materials have been received, we will determine if the applicant seems to be a good fit for our office.   If we feel as if the applicant may be a good fit, we’ll reach out and offer a phone or video interview. During this conversation, applicants have the opportunity to ask questions about our organization and share more about what they are looking for in a position.  


What we expect:

We want our employees and interns to enjoy the work they do and feel as though they are supported. We want our employees to have a healthy work and personal life balance.   On the flip side, our employees are a part of a team, something bigger than just being on their own.  

Currently, we are recruiting for part-time and full therapist positions for in-home positions.  We are open to both provisional and licensed clinicians. 

All positions start part-time as we build caseloads and credential therapists and we are open to clinicians growing their caseload to full-time from there. Currently, for the needs of our local community during covid, we do ask that clinicians be open to both virtual and in-person sessions.   If you feel that you would be a good fit, we would love to hear from you!  

Child and Adolescent 

  • In-home (Primarily working with children in or adopted from the foster care system through our DSC program) 
    • Experience, CEUs or training specific to working with children & adolescents is needed
    • Open to splitting hours in home & in office or to splitting hours in home & in-office


Adolescent and Adult Therapists 

  • In-office – licensed clinician only
    • Option: Combination of St. Charles & Virtual 
    • Option: Combination of St. Louis County & Virtual 
  • In-home – to support adolescents and adults in-home our DSC program where in-home or virtual services might be needed.
    • Adolescents and adults would need a therapist who’s trauma-informed and familiar with 1 or more evidence-based modalities.
    • Open to pre-licensed under the right circumstances. 


Child and Adolescent Supervising Therapist 

  • Balance caseload and supervising duties
  • Experience and working knowledge of evidence-based theories and practice
  • Experience with foster & adoptive youth and trauma-informed care 
  • RPT-S preferred to supervise for licensure & RPT credential 


Helpful information for potential applicants to know: 

  • Part time = 15-20 client hours a week; Full time = 27+ client hours a week
  • High preference and consideration are given to those clinicians that have availability in the afternoon and evenings and/or weekends


Minimum Qualification Requirements

  • Comfortable working with technology including our Electronic Health Record and telehealth when needed
  • Available to hold at least 15-17 client sessions per week (openings for 18-20 to allow for flexibility in scheduling
  • Understanding of and uses evidence-based mental health treatments, and  evidence of mastering and practice of a consistent theory or modality
  • Master’s or Doctorate degree in psychology, counseling, social work, marriage, and family and active, unrestricted professional license (LPC, LCSW, LMFT) in the State of Missouri (must be fully licensed). A color copy must be provided to Step By Step Counseling during the interview process. 
    • Open to PLPCs who are willing to work towards certification in EMDR, TF-CBT or DBT.


Other Preferences:

  • Have at least one niche or specialty, Ideal candidates have a niche or a population they enjoy working with.  
  • Openness to being paneled in-network with insurance plans (office will take care of credentialling) 
  • Ability to collaborate with other professional team members including school personnel, medical providers, case managers, and others involved in the treatment of their client.
  • Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships.
  • Ideal candidates would have some weekend or evening availability. 


Why would a therapist want to work for us instead of starting their own practice?  We believe that’s a great question for therapists to ask themselves. We share with candidates in the interview process, working with us means that we have to be a good fit for YOUR career goals, and you need to be a good fit for OUR culture.  It should always be a win-win!

So why choose us?   First, we are a family.  We celebrate and support each other, we stay connected, versus when independent you may not have that community to rally around you.  Second, owning a business can take a lot of extra time and mental space.  Our admin team takes care of the administrative part of private practice, including but not limited to billing, credentialing, paying bills, and answering phones so that our clinicians do not have to.  Chances are if a clinician is on their own, they are spending additional unpaid hours each week completing those tasks on top of their clinical caseload. Clinicians will report that it’s a nice benefit where they can come in, work with their clients and then go home!  This allows for a better work/home balance. The third reason is our clinician support. Our owner and clinical director want our clinicians to succeed. The office has removed the aspect of competition and built-in supports to allow clinicians to thrive.

Clinicians have shared that it’s a relief that working with us is a low-risk decision, having access to all the systems Step By Step Counseling has in place, EHR, website, paperwork, marketing, and billing all while the practice takes the bigger risk by footing the rent, building maintenance, utilities, business license, etc.  And while an independent therapist may be making more in revenue at a first glance, when broken down – the take-home revenue goes down significantly.  There are a lot more hours, expenses and of course, we can’t forget self-employment taxes!  We look at and encourage clinicians to look at the value to the household

Our practice supports our clinicians by: 

  • Furnishing HIPPA compliant cloud storage, electronic health record for documentation, and as well as HIPAA compliant platforms for telehealth/virtual therapy
  • Providing marketing support, client referrals in preferred niche, billing & insurance support (file claims, post payments, track down issues, etc)
  • A wealth of resources included but not limited to play therapy journals, professional books, treatment planning guides, therapeutic board games, art supplies for clinicians who use expressive arts, a lending library for clients, multiple shelves of books for child bibliotherapy, and workbooks/intervention books for clinicians.  We also have a resource coordinator who keeps our private employee website up to date with worksheets, treatment guides, etc.
  • Encouraging and supporting clinicians in working towards their career goals, including CEU stipends for full-time therapists.
  • Equipping staff to be connected to others including clinician group chat, and intraoffice website with additional resources as well as a clinical director and own availability for questions, consultation, and guidance when needed 
  • Removing the responsibility of general practice expenses, the practice covers costs including but not limited to: business taxes, business licenses, internet, phone, fax, office supplies, lawyer retainer fees
  • Providing the opportunity for W2 employment, the practice covers hourly wage, payroll taxes, and self-employment taxes. 
  • Space to see clients! The practice covers property/building taxes, insurance, cleaning supplies, utilities (electricity, gas, water), general maintenance, snow/ice removal.  
  • Access to 401k with up to 4% match. 
  • Short term disability for full-time employees (no cost to employees)
  • Health/Dental insurance for full-time employees (Practice contributes a portion of the premium)

Finding somewhere to call home for your professional career is a huge decision.  We don’t take that lightly.  We are honored that you would consider working with us…Ask questions during the interview process, we encourage that dialogue!


Our undergraduate interns are on site with a wide range of time frames — depending on their university requirements.

Helpful information for potential applicants to know: 

  • The intern will be required to attend all practice events
  • The intern will need a consistent, predictable schedule
  • While we are open to most disciplines, past internships have been:
    • Medical billing & coding 
    • Social work 
    • Psychology 
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing & Advertising  
    • English


Interested in a practicum or internship? 

  • Fill out our get to know you form
  • E-mail our office, please include:
    • Cover Letter
      • Including what you are looking for, what you need, and why you feel our site would be a good fit
    • Updated Resume
    • 3 letters of recommendation (not from peers)
    • Unofficial transcripts


Our graduate counseling interns are on site for 2 semesters or 3 quarters, depending on their university requirements.

Helpful information for potential applicants to know: 

  • Full-time internships require 10-12 weekly clients and 10-15 nondirect hours a week.
  • Part-time internships require 4-5 weekly clients and 5-10 nondirect hours a week.
    • This is an option if: 
      • Using our site as an adjunct site
      • The student works full time outside of the internship
      • The student has a disability or medical condition that requires them to move through an internship at a slower pace
  • Interns will be working with clients (Individual, family, couples, groups) directly from the local community
  • Ages of clients range from adolescent to adults
  • Intern will/could be facilitating groups and workshops
  • Intern will/could be co-counseling with a licensed clinician
  • Supervision is required. The intern will be REQUIRED to meet with a licensed clinician for at least one week, for one hour.  More is available upon request. 
    •  Additional supervision, in the form of group supervision with supervisor and other interns, is available if more than one intern is on-site and schedules align
  • The intern will be required to attend all practice events
  • The intern will be required to complete cont. education throughout the internship to assist in clients he/she is working with
  • The intern will be responsible for assisting in writing blog posts for practice, helping develop mental health directed writing skills 

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • Have 2 evenings and 2 days available for clients, supervision and non-direct hours (on top of availability for groups) 
    • Days defined as 8 or 9 until 1 or 2
    • Evenings defined as 2-7 or 3-8. 
  • Comfortable working with technology including our Electronic Health Record and telehealth when needed
  • Interns cannot be working full time in addition to completing full-time internships on-site due to the potential of burnout.  Past interns have successfully balanced a part-time position while completing an internship. When working full-time it prevents interns from getting the most out of the experience. 


Interested in a practicum or internship? Interested in joining our Stepping Stones Program?

  • Fill out our get to know you form
  • .E-mail our office, please include:
    • Cover Letter
      • Including what you are looking for, what you need, and why you feel our site would be a good fit
    • Updated Resume
    • 3 letters of recommendation (not from peers)
    • Unofficial transcripts


Right now we are looking for talented dynamic people to assist us with administrative support. 

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • High school diploma. (Associates or Bachelors preferred)
  • Comfortable working with technology
  • Language skills: Ability to read and interpret documents such as rules, instructions, or manuals. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence. Ability to communicate verbally to clients in person and over the phone.

Other Preferences:

  • Ability to collaborate with other professional team members including school personnel, medical providers, case managers, and others involved in the treatment of clients
  • Professional appearance and attitude, ability to establish and maintain professional relationships
  • Adaptable, flexibility in changing shifts in direction, ability to multitask
  • Well organized with great attention to detail and accuracy
  • Familiar with basic office equipment including telephone, fax, computers and printers, copiers
  • Displays non-judgmental and empathetic listening skills
  • Ability to problem solve – identify and resolves problems in a timely manner