Providing intensive support for families with children facing significant challenges, problematic behaviors, and intense emotions.

Our Anchor Intensive Program is a short-term, time-boxed option for families.    Through a structured, short-term program, these 3-5 hour intensives offer families the support they have been looking for.

Therapy is evolving, and families have optons.

Our ANCHOR intensive program is designed to assist families in laying a strong, solid foundation to build on.  Our ANCHOR program offers a comprehensive approach to family support, providing practical tools and personalized guidance to help families navigate through challenges. Through a combination of interactive interventions, personalized coaching, and collaborative discussions our experienced team works closely with each family to address their unique needs. 

Busy famiies or those with hectic extracurricular schedules, committing to weekly therapy sessions can be challenging.   Our intensives allows families to carve out blocks of time for healing. 

Anchor Program Overview; different reasons of why clients request intensives and examples of what might be included


Ages: 4-12yrs


  • Psychoeducation about the root of different behaviors and reactions 
  • Crisis plan (Saftey Plan) for the home  (If longer session, for school as well)

  • Calm Space 

  • Safe Space

  • Coping Skills / Strategies

  • Family Communication strategies 



Ages: 4-12yrs

Focus on: 

  • Understanding ADHD, Executive functioning

  • Homework strategies and study skills; collaboration with educators

  • Managing transitions, routines, implementing structure

  • Self regulation and emotional wellbeing

  • Enhancing focus/attention, digital balance, lifestyle choices


Ages: 4-12yrs

Focus on: 

  • Understanding trauma and how it impacts day-to-day

  • Understanding trauma and how it impacts parenting 
  • Saftey planning if needed. 
  • Educational supports or accomodations; collaboration with educators

  • Regulation and emotional wellbeing
  • Enhancing focus/attention, digital balance, lifestyle choices

  • Relaxation / body awareness 

Ages: 3-12yrs

Main focus: For families who have a new diagnosis of autism or who have had the diagnosis for awhile and need a deep dive into addressing challenges that have been popping up.

What to expect

Structured program, lasting 3-5 hours, depending on family preference

  • Parent(s) or caregivers fill out Anchor Intensive paperwork, and make payment in advance  Families choose whether to do a 3, 4 or 5 hour intensive.

  • On the day of the intensive, both parents & child come together.  Families can bring waterbottles, simple, healthy snacks and wear comfortable clothes. 

  • While the program is therapist directed, caregivers are responsible for taking the lead in completing the activities/interventions that the therapistprovides.

When we do intensives

Our office has a few times each month, available for families to participate in intensives

  • Monday morning (starting at 8am) 

  • Wednesday morning (starting at 8am) 

  • Friday morning (starting at 8am) 

  • Saturday afternoons (starting at 1pm) 

Who is this for?

There’s a good chance your child & family would benefit from our ANCHOR program if you reasonate with any of these…

  • As a parent you are looking for practical strategies and psychoeducation to better understand and support your child’s emotional needs.

  • As a family, you are seeking to create a safe and calm space at home where children feel secure and supported.

  • Your child is struggling with managing their emotions and could benefit from learning coping skills in a supportive environment.

  • Your child is having difficulty expressing their feelings or communicating their needs and needs a few tools.

  • Your child is getting ready to start trauma therapy (EMDR, Brainspotting, TFCBT, etc) and needs support before beginning.  

  • Your family is currently on a waiting list with a nearby therapist, and your child needs immediate support, or requires stabalization until you are able to get into 1:1 therapy. 

Additional thoughts…

Before your child participated in intensive therapy sessions, as a parent, you may have felt overwhelmed and uncertain about how to support your child through their struggles. You might have felt helpless witnessing your child’s emotional distress, experiencing your own feelings of worry, guilt, or frustration. You may have struggled to communicate effectively with your child, unsure of how to address their trauma and help them feel safe and supported. You might have felt isolated, longing for guidance and resources to navigate this challenging journey with your child.

After your child participated in intensive therapy sessions, as a parent, you may feel more informed, empowered, and connected to your child. You may have gained a deeper understanding of your child’s experiences and emotions, as well as valuable insights into effective parenting strategies and techniques. You might feel more confident in your ability to support your child’s healing and advocate for their needs. You may have developed a stronger bond with your child, built on trust, empathy, and open communication. Overall, you may feel a sense of relief and hope, knowing that your child is on a path toward healing and that you have the support and resources to continue supporting them on their journey.



Cost & Details

  • Insurance does not cover mental health intensives, there is no CPT code or billing code that represents an intensive. 
  • We are unable to bill insurance plans for our Anchor program. 
  • Fees: $350 for 3 hours; $465 for 4 hours; $600 for 5 hours 
  • 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve time; the remaining 50% will be paid at the beginning of the intensive session 

Why Anchor?

Stability: An anchor symbolizes stability and grounding, just as our program provides a reliable and secure foundation for participants during challenging times.

Support: Just as an anchor supports a vessel and keeps it steady, the program aims to support individuals or families in crisis by offering resources, guidance, and assistance.

Safety: Anchors are associated with safety and protection, as our program creates a safe space where families can feel secure and supported.

Resilience: Despite external pressures, an anchor remains steadfast, symbolizing resilience and strength. The program helps families build resilience and cope with adversity.

Grounding: Anchors connect a vessel to the earth’s surface, providing a sense of connection and grounding. Similarly, the programhelps families feel grounded and connected to their support network and resources.