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Are you overwhelmed and need support?   
Struggling with life transitions?   Need extra help or guidance?
Battling with something bigger like anxiety or depression?

Have you thought about working with a licensed therapist online?  We are here for you!   No matter how big or how small your concerns are, we are available to connect and support you. While online therapy or online counseling seems relatively new, some clients have been using this modality for years. This is a trend in our mental health industry that has been growing each year.  In a time where our world is go-go-go, telehealth has provided an opportunity for clients to access mental health services that is flexible and convenient.  

Step By Step Counseling provides telehealth services to the community.  What this means is that we can work with clients via a HIPAA-compliant video platform or if a client does not have access to a smartphone, laptop, or tablet we can offer counseling services over the phone.   We work with clients who are struggling, to help provide them access to mental health services  

Some things to keep in mind.   Our licensing board requires us to be licensed in the state, and only treat clients who are in the state.  What this means is that we are in Missouri, if you are in Maryland or Florida, we would not be able to provide services to you.  


Clients report benefits for telehealth include access to quality services, reduced travel time and cost of traveling.  By having access to mental health services, clients can possibly reduce hospital admissions.    Clients report they appreciate that they don’t have to worry about possible illness, transportation if they are homebound, childcare during sessions, and it allows them to judgle their mental health needs and their busy schedules.

There are so many ways you will hear this option being described as.  You may hear it called: Telehealth, Distance therapy, Video Therapy, Online therapy, e-counseling, e-therapy, and more. Essentially, online therapy is therapy, as it would be in the office, that is through a secure video platform.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance cover online therapy?

Yes and No.   Some insurance companies cover telehealth, while others state that it’s not medically necessary and therefore do not cover it. We always recommend that clients call their insurance compnay and speak to someone about what their speciic benefits are.   

What are some tips before my first session?
  1. Have a private space (office with door closed, bedroom with door closed, basement where no one else can walk in on the session)
  2. Turn off all distractions including the TV, music, laptop or your cell phone. 
  3. Practice your connection 15 minutes before session to ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to problem solve if needed.
Does online therapy work? Is it effective?

Yes. Research shows that online therapy can be effective.  Many of our clients are reporting that when they are able to regulate easier during session becuase they are in a safe place with comforts of their home. 

How will I know if online counseling is right for me?

You may feel apprehensive about the process, and that is OK.  Share with us what it brings up for you!  The only way you or your therapist would really know if it’s a good fit, is if you come in for a session.  It’s okay to feel or say hey this wasn’t a good fit (whether you are referring to the therapist or to telehealth in general). Our goal is to help you find mental health services that is a good fit for you.   


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