Meet Nick!    Nick is a provisional Licenced Professional Counselor with Step By Step Counseling.  He enjoys working with clients ages 10 and older.   He is under the supervision of Miranda Myers, 2017039074.  Nick started with our practice as a Stepping Stones Therapist (graduate counseling intern) and was hired shortly after. During his internship he focused on anxiety, depression and ADHD. With compassion and insight, Nick aims to create a space where clients feel safe, seen, and valued.  Nick has experience working in schools, crisis intervention and LGBTQ+ group therapy.    He understands the paralyzing grip of anxiety and is here to help clients break free.
Nick has found Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be a particularly effective approach for addressing anxiety and depression. By examining thought patterns and shifting unhelpful beliefs, CBT equips individuals with skills to overcome stress and emotional challenges.

A few areas of interest are:  

  • Anxiety, panic, OCD
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • LGBTQ+ 
  • Life transitions

Educational Background

Formal education

  • Bachelor of Arts from Maryville University 
    Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling 

Certifications & Credentials


Articles or blogposts written by therapist

  • Blog post here 🙂

Fees & Payment Information 


  • Intake: $95/session
  • 40-45 minute: $95/session
  • Sliding scale $65-95/session


  • Currently working on credentialing for: MoHealthNet, Healthy Blue, UHC-Community Plan, Homestate Health, Show Me Healthy Kids, Ambetter & Aetna 


Availability and Location


  • Sundays (all day)
  • Mon & Thurs Evenings 


  • Saint Charles office (Sundays)
  • Virtual (Mon / Thurs) 

Get to know Nick!

Nick’s journey to becoming a therapist started with a powerful moment – reading about a young boy who struggled with bullying and ultimately took his own life. This tragic event ignited Nick’s passion to help others navigate feelings of isolation, anxiety, and despair, guiding them towards self-acceptance and fulfillment.

But Nick’s interests don’t stop there! When he’s not counseling, you might catch him immersed in video games, tackling IT projects, or enjoying quality time with his significant other and their cats, Ollie and Bauer. Nick’s also a car enthusiast, often found working on projects with his brother Chris and their company.  When he needs to unwind, you’ll likely find him daydreaming about his next getaway to the serene Hawaiian Islands.


Work with Nick!

Counseling with Nick isn’t all serious business – he brings optimism and a down-to-earth vibe to every session. He’s all about helping you find self-acceptance and confidence because he believes that’s the key to fulfillment. Nick creates a safe, judgment-free environment where you can open up and work on turning anxiety into clarity, isolation into belonging, and despair into hope. His approach keeps you motivated and moving forward. If you’re interested in working with him please schedule through our online form.