Meet Laura!  Laura Weeks is a provisionally licensed counselor and an adolescent and adult therapist with Step By Step Counseling,under the supervision of Dr. Bob Bertolino license number 2447. She completed her internship with our office from January 2022 through August of 2022 and decided it was a great match to stay on as an employee after graduation! Laura particularly enjoys working with teenagers (10+), individuals with neurodiversity, and parents of children with special needs. She brings years of experience from her prior career
teaching middle school and from raising three children of her own. Laura believes the most effective therapy is based on a collaborative relationship with clients and in using each individual’s unique strengths to guide the healing process.

A few areas of interest are:  

  • Adolescent / young adult issues
  • Neurodiversity or neurodivergence
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety & OCD
  • Self Harm
  • Eating Disorders
  • Parenting, and attachment challenges


Laura helps clients identify causes and triggers for presenting concerns such as feelings of depression, anxiety, etc.   Additionally, she can support clients in recognizing “problem” behaviors as poor coping mechanisms rather than personal failures. Lastly, she helps clients when they struggle with interpersonal relationships by helping them understand both strengths and areas of concern within close relationships, as well as the ability to both identify needs and to effectively communicate those needs to others.   

Laura wants to share, ”  I help people whose emotional distress (from whatever cause) interferes with their daily life to develop the self-awareness, confidence, and regulation skills that allow them to create a more fulfilling life for themselves. I do my best work when I am working with clients who possess these qualities: honesty and a willingness to actively collaborate and participate in treatment and the healing process” 

Educational Background

Formal education

  • Bachelors in English Literature from Dartmouth College
  • Masters in Middle School Education from Lesley University
  • Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from Maryville University

Certifications & Credentials

  • DBT trained, rostered with DBT MO
  • EMDR trained 
  • DDP Level 1 
  • TAC (currently in process) 

Articles or blogposts written by therapist

  • Blog post here 🙂

Fees & Payment Information 


  • Intake: 95/session
  • 40-45 minutes: 95/session 
  • Sliding scale $65-95/session


  • Straight Medicaid
  • Managed Medicaid: home state/show me healthy kids, UHC community plan
    • Waiting on healthy blue
  • Aetna, Meritain 


Availability and Location


  • Part-time, Sunday-Thursdays


  • Saint Charles office

Get to know Laura!

Outside of the office, Laura enjoys walking her dog, Scout, relaxing with family, and reading a book or two when there’s time. She frequently visits extended family on the East Coast and highly recommends driving through New England during peak foliage season. She also loves learning about the interests of her three grown children and has a passing knowledge of a number of diverse topics including knitting patterns, video games, rap music, the bus schedule in Washington, DC, and okra recipes. 



Work with Laura!

Laura strives to create a safe, nonjudgmental space in which clients can explore the concerns that have brought them to counseling. Her clients find her compassionate and easy to talk to, yet willing to push them outside of their comfort zone. She is interested in each person’s
experience and works to tailor her approach to the individual as opposed to a specific diagnosis or label.