Meet Danielle, our daytime Front Desk Admin.   At the heart of our operation is a friendly face and a helping hand. Danielle is the welcoming presence that brightens your day as soon as you step through our doors.

She is our key to a seamless experience.  She is more than just a front desk admin; she is your guide to a seamless experience. With a warm smile and a knack for organization, she ensures that every visitor, and e-mail query is handled with utmost care and efficiency.

In the fast-paced world of our bustling establishment, Danielle is the ultimate multitasker. She effortlessly juggles  appointments, and inquiries, making it all seem like a well-choreographed dance.  Have a question about our services, programs, or the local area? She has the answers.  Behind the scenes, Danielle is a master of logistics. She keeps our schedules tight, appointments on track, and ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can focus on what matters most to you. Danielle is an integral part of our team, supporting every department to provide you with the best experience possible. 



Introducing Our Client Liaison: Your Connection to Care!   

Meet Karen! We contract with her to serve as our Client Liason.  At the heart of our commitment to exceptional service is our dedicated Client Liaison. Think of her as your personal bridge to our world of care and support.  We love to say that she’s our voicemail whisperer.  Ever left a message and wondered if anyone heard it? Rest assured, our Client Liaison listens to every voicemail that graces our office. No call goes unheard, and no concern goes unnoticed. She logs them and then either returns them personally or connects them with the person that was requested. Karen is your voice behind the scenes, making sure your message is received loud and clear.

She keeps tabs on all of our clinican schedules, and has become a scheduling mastero. Need to set up a new client appointment? She also has you covered. With their keen eye for organization and a knack for finding the perfect timeslot, she’ll have you booked in no time.

We understand that some families have unique needs. Our Client Liaison is here to ensure that those needs are met with the utmost care and attention. She goes the extra mile to make sure every family feels not just welcomed but truly understood. Karen can help with navigating the path to care, which we know can be overwhelming. Karen is contracted to be your personal guide, helping you every step of the way.

Karen embodies our commitment to compassion, efficiency, and unwavering support.  Life can be challenging, and sometimes you need a helping hand. Our Client Liaison is that hand. They’re here to ease your concerns, answer your questions, and ensure you get the care and attention you deserve.

Introducing Community Program Coordinator, Lawrence Ewing. 

He’s the newest addition to our administrative team.    He is our program integrator.  He’s taking the vision and mission that our owner Jennie has set forward, and is making it happen.    He’s another bridge that connects our office to the community.  We are delighted to have our own dedicated ambassador in the community, attending events and meetings on our behalf!  With a keen understanding of group dynamics, he ensures that our support groups run like finely tuned orchestras, supporting both our clinicians and group members.  Our clinicians are the backbone of our services, and our Lawrence stands shoulder to shoulder with them. He provides invaluable support, ensuring that our clinicians have what they need to deliver exceptional care.   Every group member matters, and he takes this to heart. He’s dedicated to ensuring that each group member’s journey is smooth, supportive, and transformative. He’s the guardian of our community’s well-being.

Have a question, a suggestion, or a brilliant idea for a community program or group in our office?  Lawrence is all ears. He’s not just an advocate for the community; he’s your advocate in our office, making sure your voice is heard. Community isn’t just a word; it’s a tapestry of connections. Lawrence is the expert weaver, creating strong bonds between our office, our clinicians, and the community we serve.