Step By Step Counseling, LLC is proud to introduce our Stepping Stones program. This program offers reduced fees or free counseling through our Graduate Counseling Interns. Our Counseling Interns provide the community with an option to have mental health counseling at a cost they can afford.  They have availability in both daytime and evening hours. The Graduate Counseling Interns in this office are qualified to work with adolescents, adults, individuals, couples, families, and groups.  Some reasons why potential clients may choose this option for counseling would be that they have no mental health coverage, they cannot afford the insurance deductibles/co-pays, or did not qualify/want to use the sliding scale offered by other therapists in the office. Our masters-level Graduate Counseling Interns are enrolled in a local university and are in their final year of their graduate counseling programs. Graduate Counseling Interns are always under the supervision of a licensed counselor as well as professors at their university.  As clients will notice, they bring a new energy and vitality to the process of assisting clients. 

Some common things that our Counseling Interns assist their clients with are:

  • Assistance in making a life decisions
  • Processing through recent events
  • Coping with with life transitions that are challenging (Divorce, Moving, etc)
  • Relationship difficulties (Sibling, Friends, Spouse, etc)
  • Depression or rapid mood changes
  • Overwhelmed and/or stressed
  • Grief of losing a loved one
  • Anxiety or worries
  • Vocational and/or career concerns
  • Low Self – Esteem
  • Increase social skills
  • Anger management
  • On going groups


If interested in this option for counseling, ask about the availability within our Stepping Stones Program.   Limited spots available. 

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