DSC Program

Domum, Salutem, Coniunctionem
(Home, Safety, Connection) 


We believe in creating healthy home environments where children feel safe and members of families feel connected to allow for growth & healing.


No matter your type of family, lifestyle or background, chances are your family has struggled with some challenges at some point.   Are you parenting a child with intense emotions or behaviors?  Is your family struggling with the effects of trauma?  If you find that you are in need of extra support, we would be delighted to join you on your steps towards resolving some of those family conflicts or improving communication. When working with families in crisis, it’s important to note that many times the challenges these families are experiencing will be different than traditional families.  Our DSC program is designed to be a home-based program to meet families where they are. 

We understand that it can be challenging for families to find the time to attend appointments and be engaged in our program.  However, family engagement is vital for positive outcomes.  We want to equip families with the tools they need to be healthy, to feel safe and connected.   Our emphasis is on helping families with not just emotional regulation but problem-solving.

Our in-home program is designed to work with families who are having a difficult time communicating and working together as a family or families that feel like they are in constant chaos or crisis.  Families are matched up with a clinician who is trained to help your family break through unhealthy or unhelpful styles.  

Services are family-centered.

Why would a family want to participate in our DSC program?

  • Support for both children & caregivers
  • Low-cost alternative to acute hospital stays 
  • Avoiding residential treatment center
  • Low cost – services are through our Stepping Stones program.


How much does the program cost?

  • Family of 4 – $150 a week
  • Family of 5 – $175 a week
  • Family of 6 – $200 a week

Main components



Individual Counseling

We value everyone in the family having support.  All members of the family are required to be in individual therapy. If one member of the family is already in therapy, they can also continue to see the therapist they are seeing prior to beginning the program. We will not make them switch. We would just request a release of information so that we can connect.

Caregiver Sessions

These sessions would be for caregivers & therapists only. Caregiver sessions are designed to provide additional support to guardians, parents & caregivers. 

Family Counseling

It is not uncommon that our families report that the stressors are impacting everyone.  All members of the family are required to participate in family therapy. Family therapy allows members of the household to understand one another better and learn coping skills to build connection and attachment. 


This would be a weekly 15-20 minute virtual check-in.

Parent Hub & Resources

3 months free access to our Parent Hub which includes many resources for families.

Parent Group

Invitation to our ongoing parent support group when currently running.

Book Study

When currently running, an invitation to our parent book study includes Covering 1 chapter a week, activity related to the chapter, and group discussions.


Some families might qualify for our Safe and Sound Protocol’s Social impact pilot program. 

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