Are you interested in working with us but do not have the time or money to invest in weekly therapy?  Do you struggle to find mental health support near your home that specializes in what your family needs? Or maybe you are interested in having caregiver support but have had previous bad experiences?   We understand in-person therapy isn’t for everyone. While it’s unfortunate that we are unable to help you face-to-face, we do have the next best option!  We’ve created our Parent Hub to support parents, caregivers, and guardians navigating their way through raising the next generation. 

To access our Hub’s support and resources, you will need to register and pay directly on the Hub’s website. (Click here)   Parents, foster parents, guardians, or caregivers do not need to be clients in our office to access Hub support. Anyone can join our community.  




So why join?  As a Parent Hub Member, you will be able to access: 

  • Community support 
  • Guidance in working towards a healthy home environment and healthy attachments 
  • Developmentally appropriate resources, game ideas, and book suggestions 
  • Our growing course library 
  • Opportunities to attend free virtual question-and-answer sessions where the Hub members can ask questions or discuss situations for which they need additional support. 
  • Discounted parent coaching

Many potential families in our office have had personally turned down counseling services because of insurance coverage, scheduling, or distance from the office.  Families need more options! I love the work I do with families. The other clinicians in the office love the work they do with families.  We wish we could do more.

Jennie here!  Professionally, I am a licensed professional counselor, registered play therapist-supervisor, trauma therapist, and adjunct professor for masters-level students. Personally, I have been married since 2005 and have been a foster parent since 2009 — fostering  children, including large sibling sets, special needs, and elevated needs children placed in our home. I have provided countless training to foster and adoptive families in my region.  As the owner of Step By Step Counseling, for years I’ve been asked by community partners and colleagues to provide parenting resources from our office to support caregivers in their parenting journey.  I’ve been told “we need more than the general Facebook groups out there,” and that we “wish you had more to offer!”   Additionally, families have always enjoyed the parent workshops and webinars that we have provided through our office over the years. 

Over the past 10+ years, I have gotten calls, caregivers want tips, tricks, and guidance on how to find joy and instill peace in their household. Caregivers are overwhelmed.  So I began thinking…

  • What if we could support our caregivers in a better way?   
  • What if we could centralize the information to provide easy access from any location such as home or work? 
  • What if families had a safe and nurturing space to find resources to help themselves or their families?
  • What if, beyond that, caregivers had a place to interact with like-minded caregivers sharing their own insights and experiences. When they elevate their family experience, that they share their positive experiences, thus paying it forward.


That’s when I started thinking about the Hub.  I want this to be a place where families feel supported, encouraged, and celebrated!   I want an online community where parents, foster parents, and guardians feel safe enough to share about their family’s struggles and receive the encouragement or practical solutions they are seeking. And let’s be honest: parents spend a lot of hours worrying and searching for answers. We hope to alleviate some of the stress of searching by providing ONE single location where answers and support can be found. I can promise that I do not have the magic wand to make things better, but I can provide community, resources, and support. 

Consider becoming a member of the Parent Hub by joining today.