The desire to protect our children, youngsters and young adults, can be a strong emotion for parents.  Protecting a child’s privacy is essential, however there are circumstances where it could be helpful for the adults involved in a child’s life to have insight into some of the more seemingly private aspects of their lives.  Whether that means talking with a child’s teachers about a change happening at home, or speaking with their pediatrician about a child starting therapy; all of these adults have a child’s best interests at heart and are able to do their job best when they have the whole story.

Teachers with students that begin to act differently in class may find it difficult to continue providing the finest educational experience possible if they are unaware of some of the pieces of the puzzle.  If a students is arriving late to school everyday because they have to help a younger sibling in the morning, alerting their teachers and school professionals can help alleviate some of the stress this can cause between the student and the attendance office.  Pediatricians who are unaware that a child is receiving therapy services will be unprepared when speaking with the parents and/or children, hindering the collaborative process which allows physicians to make the most accurate analysis.  Coaches will be able to assist children to perform their best when they are able to tailor practices to a child’s particular situation, collaborating with parents is essential.

By collaborating with professionals in your child life, it helps the professionals understand what’s going on and allow them to be more proactive in caring for your child.  Collaboration ideas:

  • Update personal information with school professionals, physicians, coaches, etc
  • Meet with teachers and coaches in person to discuss your child’s performance
  • Keep key players informed of major life changes in your home