Safety Tips for Parties

The start of the school year signifies the start of new classes, new professors and new friendships. To kick off the new school year, many college students host parties that become hotspots for all the of the college crowd, everyone loves parties and they can be a blast. These parties are a fun and great way to meet new people and establish relationships but they can also become potentially dangerous. It is important to keep yourself and your friends safe this school year at any parties you attend whether thrown by fellow college students or not. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe.

The Buddy System – Always go to parties with at least one friend, or preferably a group of friends. Before going out, designate one of your friends as your buddy for the night. This is the friend you should try and stick with through the party to assure you stay safe. Make sure you and your friend have each other’s cell phone numbers so you can text or call each other if you get separated. It’s natural to want to break away from your group to meet and talk to new people but always have your buddy in mind because it’s your job to watch out for each other. The buddy system is also helpful to get out of uncomfortable situations with strangers. You can always escape the situation by saying you need to meet up with your friend or you can have your friend come bail you out of the situation.

Be Aware – It’s easy to let yourself go at parties, especially when alcohol is involved, but it’s crucial that you stay aware of your surroundings. Being socially aware is key to partying safely. Never leave your drink sitting around unsupervised because someone could easily drug it. Awareness can also help you keep your friends safe. Your friends may not always pick up on something that just doesn’t seem right. By being socially aware you can help them when they get themselves into questionable situations. You also need to be aware because you never know who is watching you and who could potentially be planning to harm you. Alcohol impairs your senses and memory so you need to be conscious of how many drinks you’ve had and when to call it quits.

Safety Phrase – College students will often attend a party that is being hosted by someone they don’t know personally. There is no telling what kind of people will be at the party, some of which may be shady or questionable. If you and your friends ever find yourself in a scary situation and need to get out, use a safety phrase. Before attending the party, come up with a safety phrase for you and your friends that can signal everyone in your group that it’s time to leave because things just got frightening or uncomfortable. This is helpful because no one else will know what it means so no one will be able to force you to stay or think you’re weird for leaving.

Trust Your Instincts – Parties are supposed to be fun and full of new experiences and meeting new people. However, sometimes they’re not so fun and you get a bad vibe from either the whole party atmosphere itself or sometimes just from one person. If you’re even getting a hint of a bad vibe it’s important not to ignore it! Your conscious is trying to tell you something, maybe that you’re not safe where you currently are. Whenever that vibe comes up be sure to get to a friend fast and see if they have the creepy vibe too. If it’s mutual, it’s time to leave. Never stay somewhere where you’re uncomfortable even if your entourage is having a great time. Always trust your instincts.

Designate a Sober Driver – Everyone knows the tried and true phrase: “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” well it’s true. If you, or a friend, are too inebriated to operate a vehicle, just don’t do it! Most of the time you will be going home or to a friend’s house after the party so this is why it’s important to designate a sober driver before going to the party so that they do not accidentally consume any alcohol. A sober driver provides a safe and reliable way to get home or to your next destination. It’s important not to accept rides from strangers as they may be planning to harm you or have ulterior motives.

These tips will help to keep you safe and also ensure that you have a good college experience. Parties are fun and a normal part of college life but just be sure to stay safe so you can have a good time.






Jessie is an undergraduate student with Maryville University, and an undergraduate intern with Step By Step Counseling.