I enjoy working with caregivers.  Recently I was talking to someone about her fears about taking on the role of Caregiver. Her biggest fear was leaving her loved one alone. She expressed how it had become increasingly difficult to get basic things done such as going to the grocery store.

I believe this is a common fear among caregivers.  Whether we are taking care of a mentally unstable or physically ill child, or we are taking care of an elderly loved one — as loved ones, and caregivers, we want the best for our loved ones. We become the experts in their care so it is hard to believe that anyone can understand. That being said, trust your instincts. Realize it is ok to question. It is ok to be nervous. You are human.

When clients struggle with this same fear, we discuss possibilities of how to help this including having someone shop for her, having groceries delivered (most chains provide this service) or having help to sit with other loved ones.   Finding solutions is on going, but being able to express her anxieties is also helpful.

I encourage you today, to think about what makes you nervous and recognize it. What are your fears in Caregiving? What can I do to help you feel more at ease?

Eileen Henry is the Graduate Counseling Intern with in the Stepping Stones program at Step By Step Counseling, LLC.