Often times I find that in talking about one thing, it carries over into other aspects of my life. This is true professionally as well. In one of my groups that I help facilitate we discussed the need for pleasant activities in our life. Pleasant activities reduce stress, increase mood, and help give variety and balance to our lives. What better thing than to share some tips/suggestions for pleasant activities with caregivers.


  1. Try to . plan at least one pleasant activity per day, even if it’s not very long.
  2. Make it about yourself! (Even if the activity is with others, make sure ultimately it’s about what you enjoy-I’m giving you permission to be selfish).
  3. If you can’t do the exact thing you want (stuck at home, scheduling conflicts, etc.), try to find a similar replacement activity or modify it to accommodate your current circumstance. For me, this may mean chair yoga instead of going to a class.
  4. Keep it simple! This doesn’t have to be anything big. Even taking 2 minutes for yourself can be helpful
  5. Mix it up! Do different things, After all this helps to prevent boredom.

Some Suggestions:

  • Take a walk
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Listen to music
  • Garden
  • Read
  • Journal
  • Call an old friend
  • Check the rankings of your favorite sports team
  • Bird watch
  • Find a pretty view and sit
  • Go fishing
  • Do yoga/meditation

Other ideas or suggestions, feel free to share.


Eileen Henry is the Graduate Counseling Intern with in the Stepping Stones program at Step By Step Counseling, LLC.