If you have thought twice about seeking therapy, you are not alone! People often share some of the same mental health issues as others and avoid seeking ways to overcome their emotional hurdles too! Sometimes people mistakenly feel that mild depression or anxiety is considered “crazy” in their own social circles. In some ethnic communities, it may even be like a sore thumb, and embarrassing.   Some even think that they can’t afford it, or don’t want to go through their insurance companies because they want to remain anonymous.

You may be someone that resists seeking treatment because you may fear that it might reflect badly on your family or serve as an outward admission of your family’s failure to handle problems internally. Or you may be someone that is unaware that you have a diagnosable illness and even less aware that effective psychological treatment does exist for that specific problem. Anxiety about therapy is also a natural reaction to seeking therapy, but this is often because of a lack of knowledge about what or expect from the treatment itself. Even those who are willing to brave treatment, may not place therapy on their priority list. This troublesome reality suggests that, despite struggling with your problems for a while, you are reluctant to take time for your own self to get better.

Here at Step-by-Step Counseling, LLC, graduate interns, i.e., stepping stone therapists, are able to provide the community with an option to have mental health counseling at a cost they can afford. Some reasons why potential clients may choose this option for counseling would be that they have no mental health coverage, they cannot afford the insurance deductibles/copays, or did not qualify/want to use the sliding scale offered by other therapists in the office. We are here to make that uphill battle easier to climb!


Diane Chandler is the Graduate Counseling Intern within the Stepping Stones program at Step By Step Counseling, LLC.