A Labor Day Weekend Tradition for me is __________.

If one were to look up tradition in the dictionary, one would find it defined as:
“…an inherited, established or customary pattern of thought, action or behavior…”
“…A belief or story relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable…”
“…A time-honored practice or set of such practices….”

Most of us have one or more “traditions” that we have created ourselves or celebrate with others. Traditions can be something that is taken part in annually, monthly or even weekly. Culturally,  we have traditions such as fireworks on Forth of July, or a big meal with family & friends on Thanksgiving. More personal traditions could be going to the park on Saturday afternoon after nap time or family cooking and dinners on Sunday evenings.   Does your family have a weekly family day? Some families spend their family day (or family night) playing a board game, going to the zoo, or maybe going for a bike ride; the list goes on!

Why are traditions important?  Family traditions are valuable because they provide stability and identity. By providing stability, family members can build security into their relationships.  Our lives are always changing, so much in our lives is temporary. In saying that regardless of what else happens, the traditions will not change helps provide something for each person to hold onto and rely upon.  Gives us something to look forward to.

Each and every one of us are unique, and so are our traditions. Each family will have have their own way of living out traditions. While similar to others, unique to themselves. Each family’s uniqueness gives the family an ability to create a sense of identity and bond with each other.  These traditions allow families to build memories and share stories.

It’s never too late to start a Labor Day Weekend Tradition!

I polled a few of my clients, and here’s what they told me…

“Memorial and Labor day weekends are saved for home improvement projects! Everyone in the family pitches in to help with whatever we are currently working on in the house. The kids grumble each year, but we take them out for ice cream or dinner one of the evenings”

“Labor day weekend is spent site seeing around the metro area.  We’ve gone to the Japanese festival at Botanical Gardens, to a Cardinals baseball game, etc.  Our family always tries to do something!”

“Our family uses that time to pack away summer clothes, put away summer items in the house and bring out the fall clothes. We create a donation box and try to donate the toys or items that we no longer use. We also try to bar-b-que at least of the nights.”

“My mommy and daddy take me camping!  I always get to fish, and sometimes if I’m good I can make smores.”

“We go shopping, looking for all the good sales!”

Whatever your tradition is, I hope you and your family have a safe holiday weekend!
Best Wishes,

Jennie Wilson is a child and adolescent therapist. She holds the credentials of a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor