Rewriting Your 2015 Scorecard!!

Do you decide on a New Year’s resolution every year?

You are not alone!

Many of us do, and often times before the first month of the year ends, we have already broken our promises to ourselves and many of the resolutions made for the New Year.In making our resolutions, it is important to ponder over these promises and think about whether these resolutions are really feasible. In helping to make longer lasting resolutions for the New Year, we should:

  • Make sure those expectations are realistic
  • Anticipate about making the change in advance
  • Get active and distract yourself from deterring away from the resolution; Stay focused!

Shift your goals and resolutions early into action, and when you think of steering away from the resolution, ask yourself “What is a small thing that I can do to change the situation and get back on track?”, instead of moaning or moping.

Make your promises and resolutions specific, and realistic.For example, instead of saying that I will lose 10 pounds this month, say “when they are having donuts at the office, I will take fruit to eat”.

In other words, minimize the rumination route, i.e., going over and over your problems and feelings without taking any action to overcome or solve them.Instead, plan in advance to attack your own self-doubt and start by making your own plan of corrective action.Be specific in making your exercise plans, deciding what foods you want to cut back on to aid in your weight loss, plan your meals each day, cook more often at home than picking up fast food, and above all, early action is the key!


Diane Chandler is the Graduate Counseling Intern within the Stepping Stones program at Step By Step Counseling, LLC.