Why do we love Dr. Seuss?  Because he allows us to use our imagination and have fun with reading! Personally, I love the message sent to his readers in his books; positive, upbeat, motivational and carefree.

Today, in honor of his birthday, the National Education Association has made today “Read Across America Day.”  Some ways you or your family can participate in this are:

  • Read a book to your child at bedtime, read a new book tonight!
  • If you don’t have a library card, visit your local library and sign up for one!  It’s free!
  • If your family has room, designate a reading area with a bookshelf and comfy seating.
  • Donate a new book, or your unused books to a local foster care agency, your child’s school or an organization. (FAST, Books for Daniel)
  • Attend a reading event in the community!

Here are some links I thought you would enjoy.

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Have a Fantastic  day!
– Jennie


Jennie Wilson is a child and adolescent therapist. She holds the credentials of a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor