Mental Health Services for Children, Adolescents and Adults 

Parenting One Day at a Time

You did it… you brought a beautiful baby into this world. For 9 months, you suffered aches and pains. You heard endless badgering on what to do and what not do regarding your baby. You became vulnerable and hypervigilant to yourself and the world around you. Take a...

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Cleaning with ADHD

Cleaning is something all of us must do in our daily lives whether it is just after yourself or others as well. When you are dealing with ADHD it can seem even more difficult at times, this could be due to restlessness, attention issues, problems staying organized, or...

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How to Detect Depression in the Elderly

The Coronavirus pandemic has made words such as social distancing, quarantine, and masks part of our everyday language.  This new normal of doing many things virtually can be daunting for members of the older population.  Many independent living, assisted living, and...

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