Teresa here! Today I wanted to discuss relationships and marriages. Often times people have preconceived notions concerning relationships and marriage. Many hold to the Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best and the Cosby’s image of family which consists of a father, a mother and 2.5 children living in suburbia with no complications. What they fail to realize is the fragility of relationships if sensitive issues such as lack of communications, blended families, intimacy, and trust issues which are not address in a proper manner. A professional counselor can assist families as they work toward realizing their goals.

3 tips for healthy marriages:

  • Always keeps a line of communication open.  This goes along with not going to bed mad at each other. Try to set side to talk with each other each day, or a few times every week. 
  • Know the expectations of each other. Many times relationships are rocky because the partners were unclear what was expected of them.  
  • Intimacy must be part of the marriage.  You can look at intimacy by holding hands, kissing, touching each other it does not necessary have to be sexual activity.

If I can assist you in helping mend broken relationships or strengthening your marriage, contact me!


Blessings in all of your relationships,

Teresa Ewell is a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Missouri and a therapist at Step By Step Counseling.