How many times have you heard these from Grandparents, Teachers or Friends?

“Why don’t you discipline your kids?”
“You should put your kids on ADD medicine”
“She is like Tiger from Winnie the Pooh, bouncing around all day”
“Why doesn’t she pay attention?”
“She’s smart enough why doesn’t she do her homework?”

Here are a few tidbits about ADD/ADHD to better help you understand this disorder.

There are Three types of ADHD.
Inattention, Hyperactivity and Impuslivity, and a compbination of both.


Who can give a diagnosis?
Licensed Counselor

How is the diagnosis made?
Behavior observations

My child was diagnosed with ADD / ADHD, now what?

POsitive parenting / reienforcement
Posistive feedback (catch them when they’re doiing well)
Quick Consequences (not long term)
Social Skills class

I am weary about placing my child on medication.

* Quick Consequences: Long term consequences are ineffective – “You’re grounded for a week. . . Okay you got two weeks . . . Do you want to go for 3 weeks?” A five minute time out is like an hour to an ADHD student and a week is
like a year! Not many parents would restrict their kids for a year. So to resolve conflict we use the AHC plan: Apologize – How can I Make it Up to you by doing a chore! – Consequence or Chore – “If I do this again I will do an additional chore for you.” Once they Apologize and Make it up they can resume their privileges.
* Social Skills Groups/Training: For those that have social and emotional delays, experiential Leadership/Social Skills groups, Day Camps, Summer Camp programs are helpful in helping close the social emotional gap for ADHD students.
4. Do I have to put my child on medication?
ADHD is a Neurobiological disorder so something needs to be done about this. However, 85% of the clients that come to my office do not need the medication for ADHD. Kids with ADHD crave carbohydrates and so often times by increasing their protein to carb ratio. Additionally, several studies have found the carbohydrates effect focus and mood regulation. Additionally, these studies have found deficiencies (Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc and Omega 3) as a result of the carb intake. So often talking to their doctor about increasing their protein to carb ration like the PACE diet or Zone Diet along with including the above supplements can make a difference. If Parent Coaching, Social Skills groups and changing around their diet does not work then a consultation with a psychiatrist or pediatrician that prescribes medication is recommended. Continue the PACE or Zone diet will cause considerably less side effects.
5. Will their learning skills improve with treatment?
Yes with an ADHD specialist providing treatment and addressing the neurobiological issues can improve their ability to focus, complete their homework, reading, classwork and projects. 60% of ADHD student do have some type of learning disability so a psychological evaluation is important to assess and get the proper treatment for these services as well.
Jennie Wilson is a child and adolescent therapist. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor