20131008_125257_7This past Tuesday I went to the St. Charles Community Services Summit as part of my internship with Step By Step Counseling. It was an incredible experience to say the least. It gave me the opportunity to spread the word about Step By Step Counseling and all of the different services we offer including individual counseling and various group counseling. I was also able to network with a lot of other people and agencies in the social service community. I even spoke to a few agencies about a possible second internship and it was very exciting to connect with these people and know that I now have prospective job opportunities.

Overall the experience was wonderful and I really enjoyed the workshop I was able to attend on self-harm. This is an issue that many teenagers face and battle with everyday and because teenagers are the group I would primarily like to work with, this workshop was very informative and helpful. My favorite part of the summit was definitely meeting all the new people and learning more about their organizations and what they’re doing to help the community. I felt like I was part of something bigger than myself and it was a very enlightening experience to be included in a group that works so hard to provide quality care and help to the community. I am so excited and thankful that I was able to share in this experience.