Hi, this is Vanessa, I am the graduate counseling intern at Step by Step Counseling, I am writing today to discuss anxiety management techniques.

It is very common to struggle with anxiety. You are not alone if you worry a lot, get nervous easily or suffer from physical anxiety symptoms, such as sweating, tension or a racing heart. The good news is there are many different things you can do to reduce your anxiety.

Here are some easy techniques to try:

1) Adjust some of your personal habits such as eating, drinking and sleeping. Limiting caffeine, sugar, tobacco and alcohol can really help to reduce nervous energy. Also, it is important to get enough sleep. Going to bed at the same time every night can help you fall asleep. In addition, sleeping in a cool, dark room can help you fall asleep as well.

2) Do something you enjoy when feeling anxious in order to get your mind off of whatever you
are worried about. Some ideas include:

~ take a walk

~ draw or doodle

~journal (sometimes writing down your worries and putting the piece of paper away or getting rid it helps)

~watch a funny TV show (or video clips online)

-listen to music

-share your worries with a trusted friend

-take 15 deep breaths (if you take longer to exhale than to inhale, it works even better!)

If you are interested in learning even more techniques, come see me, I would love to work with you – even if it’s just short term.  I offer individual therapy to people who are struggling with anxiety and other issues. I can help you identify some of your triggers to anxiety and how to work through them or avoid them.

– Vanessa

Vanessa is a Graduate Counseling Student at Webster University and a Graduate Counseling Intern with Step By Step Counseling.