Parent Coaching / Parent Consultation (Jennie Wilson)

Do you need guidance with your child(ren) or family? Do you question whether or not your parenting style is ideal for your child(ren)?  Do you find that you get frustrated with your kids, really easily? The role of parenting can be challenging. Let me help!  Unlike your friends, or local moms’ facebook group I am full of expertise not just clinically but life experiences as well.   I accept my clients unconditionally.  My role is to help you be the best parent you can be.

Common issues that I can assist with are:

  • Morning challenges
  • Homework / School work issues
  • Tantrums/Meltdowns
  • Bedtime routines
  • Defiance
  • Organizing your home
  • Assistance with schedules

Parent coaching and consultations are helpful because I can provide:

  • Helpful resources
  • New/Fresh Perspective
  • Support
  • A plan moving forward to help

Parent coaching details:

FEES: $125 for 45 minutes or $150 for 60 minutes
*Insurance does not cover this service*

LOCATION:  Coaching can be conducted in-person or through video-chat (webcam)

RESCHEDULES/CANCELLATIONS: I understand families may need to re-schedule due to schedule conflicts. Please do this more than 24 hours in advance.  If you cancel a consultation with less than 24 hours notice, or no-show you will be billed for the full amount.

DISCLAIMER: Parent coaching is focusing on the parenting dynamic. These sessions will be geared towards helping you, work in a more peaceful and less stressful way with your family. This should not be mistaken for Counseling or Therapy. If you feel that you could benefit from counseling services, I would be more than happy to refer you to clinicians who can help you with what you are specifically struggling with.

1. E-mail our office ( and request parent coaching and to set up an appointment and pre-pay.
2. Fill out forms
3. Go to to download the app to whichever device you choose to use.  Vsee is HIPAA compliant and free to use.
4. Log on, during scheduled session time.