World Kindness Day

Whenever you turn on the news these days chances are it is not covering a very happy story. It’s likely about something involving violence, hatred, anger, tragedy, or disaster. For whatever reason people tend to latch onto what makes somebody different, with the...

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Good Neighbor Day

Do you ever stop to think about the people in your life whose names you may not know? The family that lives next door, the man that works in the office down the hall, or the greeter at the gym? These people aren’t family, friends, coworkers, or even necessarily...

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Power of Encouragement

“You can do it!” “Keep going, don’t give up!” “Great job!” Imagine how amazing it would be to have a friend follow you around all day, shouting these words of encouragement whenever you need them. Whenever you’re feeling stressed or upset, there’s your friend to lift...

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