Anorexia Nervosa in Adolescents

It’s that time of year again, swimsuit season! Imagine you have a “girls’ day” planned with your teen daughter complete with lunch, manicures and shopping. You’ve noticed your teen has lost some weight recently but attribute it to her time competing in cross country....

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Tis’ The Season for Increased Organization

The holidays are fast approaching, which, for many, means an already overloaded schedule is about to take on even more complexity. For those living with ADHD, the extra stress can have a cascading effect. Even more things to do often leads to even more things left...

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World Kindness Day

Whenever you turn on the news these days chances are it is not covering a very happy story. It’s likely about something involving violence, hatred, anger, tragedy, or disaster. For whatever reason people tend to latch onto what makes somebody different, with the...

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