About the office

Jennie Wilson


The office of Step By Step Counseling was founded in 2009 by Jennie Wilson and over the years has slowly expanded. As the need for mental health services in the community continued to grow, the office moved and expanded into the current location in 2013. Our current space allows us to accommodate more therapists and offer more services. Jennie envisioned that the therapists would operate not just as a and multidisiplinary team but as an indiciplinary team. She wanted this model when delivering services to clients because interdisiplinary teams build on each other’s expertise and allow for consultation. There’s an opportunity for more than one clinician to work wtih a family when needed (one client might be utilizing different services with different clinicians).

Step by Step Counseling’s vision was (and still is) to create a counseling resource that serves the community by offering different specialties and services to a wide range of clientele.  As you will notice, therapists or clinicians employed with Step By Step Counseling have their own specialties and populations that they serve. Our mission is to connect a client with a clinician in our community that will be a good fit for what they are struggling with. Many times we are able to provide mulitiple services within one family. 

We hope that every client has a positive experience within the practice.     How can we serve you?

Step By Step Counseling’s Values

“Love is the absence of judgement.” – Dalai Lama

Our therapists are unconditional with their clients.  Our office accepts each person for who they are, and where they are.  Therapists show unconditional positive regard to the clients in their office.  This means that the therapist shows acceptance of the client by setting aside their own personal opinions or biases. 

“The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” – Steve Jobs

We enjoy the work that they do.  We are not a counseling practice (agency or organization) that assigns clients to therapists, in hopes that it works out…or that, the particular therapist is the only one who has an opening. Our therapists specialize in specific populations, who they have obtained additional education and training to work with.  Our therapists all have a niche, clients who they enjoy working with.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

We understand it takes courage to pursue your goals, to follow your dreams.  Our therapists understand that it takes baby steps to become more confident in yourself. It takes small steps to heal from traumas and let go of past experiences.

“Above all, be the Heroine of your life. Not the victim.” – Nora Ephron

We know we aren’t perfect.  We make mistakes, we have flaws. We are here to help create solutions to those problems not excuses.  Each person we serve has their own story and their own path. We want our clients to understand that we know they aren’t perfect and we are here to walk beside them as they face their fears and insecurities and become more confident in who they want to be.